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Primitive Village


[News: Genshimura was featured in the New York Times!]


Primitive Village (原始村 Genshimura) is a quaint campground and soba restaurant in Shirasawa community. Go back in time to an ancient age, forget the bustle of modern city life, and commune with nature. A bit different than a typical campground, with thatch-roofed pit-huts, underground bungalows and a hillside stilt-cabin over the river, Primitive Village offers a lodging experience you can only have here. Just two hours from Tokyo!



Inside a 100 year old country house, the on-site soba restaurant serves handmade soba noodles from locally grown buckwheat and tempura from locally grown vegetables.

Taste the soba raised by natural headwaters.

You can enjoy the carefully crafted soba while observing rich nature beyond the veranda windows.

Open to the public, not just camp guests. Please don’t hesitate to stop by.

Hours: 11am – 5pm

Closed Mondays (unless Monday is a national holiday, in which case the next day will be closed)

Open from the beginning of March to the end of November.


Pit Huts


Stay in a prehistoric Japanese pit-dwelling! Larger than they look from outside, these thatch-roofed huts are partly underground. About 8 people can sleep in one.

Evokes the feeling of Jōmon period

Number of huts:3

Capacity per hut:about 8

Fee per night:¥12,000(for the entire hut)

  • Please note, no flames allowed inside.




These cozy bungalows are built horizontally out of the earth just under the pit-huts. Like a hobbit hole, you’ll find unexpected comfort inside.

You will feel as if you found a secret hideout.

Number of rooms:3

Capacity per room:about 8

Fee per night:¥12,000(for the entire room)




A little distance from the other dwellings, on the other side of the river, there is another primitive village. A modern cabin on stilts overhangs the river. You can feel as if you have a private villa in the middle of nature. Please give it a try.

Number of cabins:1

Capacity:about 12

Fee per night:¥18,000(for the entire cabin)


Tent Site

Sleep by the river! Bring a tent to enjoy camping on the riverside.

Space:about 4 tents

Fee:¥3,000 (per tent)


Other Facilities

Large covered barbecue area, restrooms, and hot showers. Various equipment available for rent.



  • Amagoi waterfall: 3 minute walk
  • Mistugo Mountain: trailhead is directly across the street. Mitsugo is a small mountain right in the middle of Kosuge with great views of the village.
  • There’s also an old watermill on the premises downstream.



Address: 〒409-0211 Yamanashi-ken, Kitatsuru-gun, Kosuge-mura, (Shirasawa) 1970


Primitive Village turn off sign on National Route 139


Contact/Booking Info 

Website: (Japanese Only)

Phone: 0428-87-0855

Please note, the staff can only speak Japanese.

You can stay at Genshimura Primitive Village from the middle of March till the end of September. Since Genshimura is closed Mondays (except national holidays), reservations usually cannot be made for Sunday or Monday nights.

You can make a reservation and check availability here:



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