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30th Annual Tama Genryu Festival


When: Thursday, May 4th 2017 (national holiday: Greenery Day)

What: At the source of Tokyo’s famous Tama River, in Kosuge Village there is a large-scale event: Tama Genryu Matsuri 多摩源流まつり (or Tama Headwaters Festival). It is a water, fire, and taste festival held every year on May 4th.

More that 10,000 people crowd this festival put together by the villagers every year. At the venue, not only can you enjoy the culture of Kosuge Village, but also the cuisine and local performing artists of the Tamagawa River Basin. In the evening, yamabushi (mountain monks) ignite Japan’s biggest omatsuyaki (お松焼き), a wood pyramid covered in pine leaves and topped with bamboo, on the bank of Kosuge River.


Also in the area, a pair of 200-meter carp streamers strung across the mountain valley swim graciously over the sky to welcome visitors. So by all means, bring the whole family to Kosuge Village during Golden Week!



Start time is from 11am

Stage performances ~ 11-4

Stalls open ~ 10:30-4

Fire ceremony ~ 5:50pm – 7:30pm

Musical fireworks ~ 8pm

End ~ 8:30pm

  • There will be many stalls selling food and local specialties including a corner for Yamanashi Prefecture’s specialty products.
  • There will be a live Uchu Sentai Kyuranger (Power Ranger) show.
  • You can also try to catch trout with your bare hands in the swimming pool ~ 12pm・2pm


Venue: 第一スポーツ広場  (sports field #1)

Address: 〒409-0211 Yamanashi-ken, Kitatsuru-gun, Kosuge-mura, 第一スポーツ広場

If driving, parking will be limited, but there are several overflow parking areas including: the elementary, jr. high, and road station. Please follow those directing traffic.



Bus Info

If coming from Tokyo, the Nishi-Tokyo Bus will operate a non-stop shuttle between the venue and Okutama Station (end of the JR Ōme Line). The temporary shuttle bus will provide a return ticket back to Okutama Station. One way FREE – so by all means, please come by train + bus ♪

Ikenoshiri (池ノ尻) bus stop is just across the river from the venue.

Departing Okutama Sta. Departing 池ノ尻
9:30 13:20
12:00 16:05
14:35 20:40

~1 hr.

¥980 one way.

In addition, the regular Nishi-Tokyo Bus will run as usual, but it will not offer a free return ticket.

Departing Okutama Sta. Departing 池ノ尻
7:25 8:41
10:05 11:31
13:35 14:52
16:35 17:52


The Fujikyu-Yamanashi buses from Uenohara and Otsuki will also run as usual. These buses do not stop at the venue. They go to Kosuge no Yu (the hotsprings). A free shuttle bus will operate between the Kosuge-no-Yu/road station and the venue.

Departing Otsuki Sta. Departing Kosuge no Yu
9:00 7:06
13:31 10:15

~1 hr.

¥1100 one way.


Departing Uenohara Sta. Departing Kosuge no Yu
8:30 15:25
14:55 16:30

~1hr 20 min.

¥1150 one way.


More Info

Official poster and pamphlet (Japanese only)

For more access information, see the general access page.