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Sakura season has come!


Sakura, the most famous flower of Japan


If you ask someone “What is the most famous flower of Japan?”, most people say “Sakura flower(Cherry blossoms)”.

Because of the popularity, many think Sakura is Japan’s floral emblem but it’s not true(Japan has no floral emblem which is authorized by law)


Late blooming of Sakura in Kosuge

Kosuge’s Sakura blooms half a year late compared with That of Tokyo because the altitude is so high(around 600~800).

So Kosuge villagers go to see the Sakura in Tokyo first, and enjoy the Sakura in Kosuge half a month later. Nice!


Beautiful but fall fast….

Unfortunately, Sakura falls so fast (within 1 week from blooming).  But Japanese are not depressed. They enjoy the scenery of flying sakura and the view of Sakura flower and green leaves(called Hazakura葉桜).

What will come next?

What do you think the next thing?  Look forward to it!