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Headwaters Canyoning Experience


Suit up in wetsuits, watershoes, lifejackets, and helmets! From the hottest months of the year, July to August, let’s play in the clear water that flows through the village!


Every summer NPO Kosuge runs a canyoning experience program through the Tama Headwaters in Kosuge Village. The program is called Genryu Taiken in Japanese.


You can climb up and slide down mini-waterfalls, wade through fresh pools, scramble over rocks, and edge along a cliff-face with ropes. The experience culminates in the opportunity to stand under a waterfall weir and jump from a boulder into a deep pool. High up in the cool mountain stream, it’s a great way to beat the heat!


While the guides give a tour splish-splashing through the river, have fun observing nature with all 5 senses. Learn about the important connections between the river, the forest, and the city.


Although there are some challenging obstacles, this program can be enjoyed by anyone who is physically healthy from children to seniors and beginners.


Groups and organizations interested in joining can contact NPO Kosuge: