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There are some waterfalls in Kosuge. Each are accessible by less than 20 minute walks from their trailheads.


Otaki Waterfall 雄滝 is perhaps the most impressive, not in height but in volume and character. It is divided into two waterfalls by a moss-covered boulder. The trailhead is near the end of Daibosatsu Pass Road (and past the Daibosatsu trailhead). The falls are about a ten minute walk from the trailhead and parking area. (Without a car it is about a two hour hike from Hashidate.)

Shiraito Waterfall

Shiraito Waterfall 白糸滝 is very tall and thin. At 36 meters high, it is especially beautiful amid the colors in autumn. Like Otaki, it is also accessible from Daibosatsu Pass Road (but before the Daibosatsu trailhead). The waterfall is less than five minutes’ walk from the trailhead and parking area. (Without a car it is about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Hashidate.)

Amagoi Waterfall

Amagoi  雨乞い is a minor waterfall at the end of Shirasawa River, just before it merges with Kosuge River. The waterfall is visible from above by a platform. Stairs connect the path down to the river confluence. It is accessible by about a minute walk from the small parking lot and restroom. It also connects with the hiking trail from Mitsugo Mountain, and is less than a five minute walk from Primitive Village.