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Restaurants in Kosuge


Kosuge is known for its soba noodles, grilled river fish, konnyaku, wasabi, and fresh vegetables. There are a handful of restaurants where you can enjoy this local cuisine.

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Open for Lunch


Genryu Restaurant


fresh tomato and basil margherita pizza (¥1,240)


Italian restaurant in Michi-no-Eki road station serving stone oven pizzas with locally grown toppings (tomato, basil, mushroom, potato, etc.), salads, pastas, and wine. There is also a takeout window selling snacks and ice-cream outside.


April – November
Weekdays 11:00~17:00(last order 16:00)
Weekends and Holidays 11:00〜18:00(last order 17:00)


December – March
Weekdays 11:00~16:00(last order 15:00)
Weekends and Holidays 11:00〜17:00(last order 16:00)

Closed on Wednesdays

Website:  (Japanese Only)

Address: 〒409-0211 山梨県北都留郡小菅村3445番地




Japanese-style restaurant in the same building as Kosuge’s hot springs. You don’t need to use the hot springs to use the restaurant. The menu includes an array of traditional set meals, sashimi, fish, tempura, soba, and curry-rice.

多摩源流御膳 Tama Genryu set-meal (¥1,620)

Take off your shoes, put them in a locker, and tell the receptionist you’d like to go to Hinoki Restaurant.

Hours are the same as the the hot springs.

April – October November – March
10:00-19:00 (last order at 18:00) 10:00-18:00 (last order at 16:45)
Closed Every 4th Friday Closed every Friday


Website: (Japanese Only)

Address: 〒409-0211 山梨県北都留郡小菅村3445番地




Soba-tempura shop next to Michi-no-Eki, Forest Adventure, and the hot springs. Handmade soba and tempura from Kosuge’s vegetables. Run entirely by local grandmas.


zaru-soba + tempura (¥900)

Open for lunch weekends from April to November.


Sample Menu:

かけそば kake-soba: hot soba in broth  ¥600

ざるそば zaru-soba: cold soba  ¥600

てんぷら tempura: batered and fried vegetables (+¥300)

大盛り        large size  (+¥200)


100% Vegetarian!


Located next to the hot spring.



Genshimura (Primitive Village) Soba


In a 100 year old country house at the Primitive Village campground, the restaurant serves handmade soba noodles from locally grown buckwheat and tempura from locally grown vegetables. Here, while gazing on rich nature, you can leisurely enjoy soba carefully crafted by the hands of local people.



mori-soba (cold soba) ¥800 kake-soba (hot soba in broth) ¥800
mori-soba(large) ¥1,000 kake-soba (large) ¥1,000
tempura soba(hot) ¥1,000 tempura soba (large) ¥1,200
tempura ¥400 sashimi konnyaku ¥300
beer ¥450 non-alcohol beer ¥300
cider (soda) ¥250 coffee ¥300

100% Vegetarian!


kake-soba + tempura
tempura soba










Open from the beginning of March to the end of November.

Hours: 11am – 5pm

Closed Mondays (unless Monday is a national holiday, in which case the next day will be closed)

Address: 〒409-0211 山梨県北都留郡小菅村1970





Japanese style restaurant located in Hiroseya Ryokan. Serves soba noodles, river fish, donburi (rice bowl dish), and wild vegetable cuisine. The vegetables change depending on the season.

Usually open for lunch, but might be reserved for inn guests during busy seasons. If there are flags out front, it’s open.

Website: (Japanese Only)



Izakaya are Japanese pubs. There are two in Kosuge.




A cozy Chinese restaurant. One of the few places to enjoy a drink after dark, its the center of Kosuge’s night life. Great place to have dinner and mix with the locals. Menu includes gyoza (fried meat-and-vegetable dumplings), ramen, egg-fried rice, and a variety of side dishes suitable for sharing.

negi (onion) ramen (¥650)


Sample Menu:

蒸す鶏    ….   steamed chicken ¥1,200

エビチリ  ….  stir-fried shrimp in chili sauce  ¥1,300

肉入野菜  ….  stir-fried meat and vegetables ¥800

餃子         ….    gyoza  ¥400

チーズ揚   ….  deep fried cheese  ¥800

レバニラ  ….   pork liver and chives ¥800



17:00 – 24:00

Closed Wednesdays

Located next to the sports field by the river.




Located in Tōbu area near Okutama. Seafood izakaya. Reservations required.