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Satoyama Discovery Workshop


It started from a question

Happily, many visitors from foreign countries often say


“Hiroshi, Kosuge is a wonderful place not only for Japanese but for foreigners as well.”


It might be true that the saying includes some compliments or kindness of them.

But still I’m happy, and wondering why they think so?


Other villagers also wonder the same question and say,


“Our village has nothing interesting”.


It is the honest feeling of a typical village in Japan. Because we don’t have any world heritage site, famous actors, nor things listed on the Guinness World Records.


Feel, think and learn

So, I asked the help of foreign students who study in a university in Japan.

The workshop is simple.


Please feel, think and learn. And please let us know what you feel, think and learn.


One, important lesson from the students

From 4 workshops, I learned so many things. Many things are surprising, interesting, and exciting.


If I pick up only one lesson, the important lesson from them is,


We want to become a homey place for them.


In Japanese, we say “Okaeri(おかえり” when your family member comes back home.

I’m looking forward to saying “Okaeri” to you in the near future.